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The Institut Jacques BOY S.A. was created in 1985 at the initiative of the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre of Reims, it bears the name of the creator of the CRTS de Reims, Professor Jacques Boy, biologist and professor of hematology. At that time, he had dedicated to the development of media for cell culture. Then he became interested in Immunohematology to develop and manufacture laboratory reagents for the blood grouping.
Within a few years, he becomes a recognized personality in the French medical biology (private medical biology laboratories, laboratories in hospitals, research centers).

The Institut Jacques BOY S.A. began a collaboration with Scottish society Bioscott in Edinburgh, for the development of blood grouping reagents. He is the first to introduce on the French market a range of monoclonal blood grouping reagents for Rh and Kell in slide and microplate technical.

It was in 1995 that its existence is compromised, its majority shareholder, the CRTS de Reims, must sell its holdings, the French Blood Transfusion must refocus on its primary mission. A competitor offers a recovery, but without commitment on the sustainability of the structure beyond twelve months.
Face of this threat, employees are mobilizing to defend their tool, and present a draft « recovery undertaken by employees » (RES), with the help of three financial partners, Champex, SNVB and Crédit Lyonnais. This project is finally prevails.

In 1998, a rapprochement takes shape with DiaMed, worldwide leader in Immunohematology and concludes with crosswords agreements releasing an effective synergy.

The Institut Jacques BOY S.A. highly modernized, quality is present at all levels, the company is certified ISO 9001 and NF ISO 13485. Its reactivity allows him to be the first company in France to manufacture kits for internal quality control in immunohematology which are distributed by DiaMed France. The market share rises rapidly to 60%.
The Institut Jacques BOY S.A. decides to fund a study realized by the National Reference Center for Perinatal Hemobiology (CNRHP-Paris St Antoine) and INSERM U76-INTS-PARIS unit, on fetal Rhesus D genotyping by analysis of circulating fetal DNA in maternal blood.
It aims to demonstrate the feasibility and reliability of a large-scale screening using this technique.
It was the subject of a scientific article published in Molecular Diagnosis (Volume 8, Issue 1 , Pages 23-31): «Large-Scale Pre-Diagnosis Study of Fetal RHD Genotyping by PCR on Plasma DNA from RhD-Negative Pregnant Women», written by Christelle Rouillac-Le Sciellour, Phillippe Puillandre, Rolande Gillot, Céline Baulard, Sylvain Métral, Caroline Le Van Kim, Jean -Pierre Cartron, Yves Colin and Yves Brossard.

In 2004, The Institut Jacques BOY S.A. leaves the site of CHU de Reims.
He decided to expand in Champagne Ardenne, in Reims, and moved into new laboratories on the Pôle Technologique Henri Farman. He became INSTITUT DE BIOTECHNOLOGIES JACQUES BOY.

The Institute continues its project to develop a genotyping kit. This new test, non-invasive, has many advantages. It falls within the framework of the prevention of maternal-fetal alloimmunization in women Rh-D negative. This project is in line with its overall strategy (dynamic cooperation, exchange, culture of innovation, developing innovative reagents) and its industry: Immunohematology, biotechnology. In addition, it allows to position itself in the market for molecular biology reagents that respond to the technological developments in future years and to enhance its reputation and hence, that of the region in which it decided to maintain and develop its activities.

The public/private collaboration on genotyping project continues. It is the subject of an application for an innovation aid from OSEO, which is at this date fully refunded.

The Institute places on the market a medical device in-vitro diagnostic « Free DNA Fetal Kit® RhD », which satisfies the requirements of the Directive CE/98/79, thereby permitting to realize robust tests, specific and sensitive for prenatal fetal RHD genotyping from maternal blood.

jib 2007Journées Internationales de Biologie –Nov. 2007
Cnit – Paris La Défense


The Institut de Biotechnologies Jacques Boy signs an OEM distribution agreement for Europe concerning the kit Free DNA Fetal Kit® RhD with the company Biorad.

Creating an independent department, the Centre d’Evaluation de la Qualité® equivalent of the Quality Evaluation Center, new proficiency testing organization specializing in immunohaematology. Its quality policy which is based on the requirements of NF EN ISO 17043 is based on three fundamental values which are competence, independence and impartiality.

Logo C.E.Q.

This quality immunohematology external evaluation program enables to maintain and develop skills in immunohaematology erythrocyte, and thus meet the requirements of NF EN ISO 15189.

Introduced on market the K-Matic®, innovative device developed by the Institut de Biotechnologies Jacques Boy, that automates the Kleihauer test, frees precious time, ensuring cleanliness and traceability.


Since June 2015, the Institut de Biotechnologies Jacques Boy ensures the distribution of the Free DNA Fetal Kit® RhD, and provides technical support.

Free DNA Fetal Kit RhD

July - The French nomenclature of medical biology procedures now includes the prenatal determination of fetal RHD genotype from the maternal blood by real time PCR (N.A.B.M. : chapter 17 « prenatal diagnosis », subchapter 17-07 «noninvasive prenatal testing using cell free fetal DNA in maternal blood – N.I.P.T.»). To shape this test, Institut de Biotechnologies Jacques Boy commercializes his « Free DNA Fetal Kit® RhD » certificated EC IVD by LNE/GMED in accordance with the « annex II, list A » (reagents for determining the blood groups ABO system and rhesus D), thus in accordance with the requirements of the Directive 98/79/EC and the French Public Health Code.
Institut de Biotechnologies Jacques Boy therefore meets the needs of the major French certified medical laboratories (certified for the prenatal biological diagnosis), as well as of the specialized foreign laboratories.

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